Are you planning a holiday? Have you been to Blantyre? No? Then get ready because this is your time to explore the unexplored. A holiday full of unexpected enchantment is a source of sheer glee, and this time we have planned the very thing for you. All you need to do is book cheap flights to Blantyre with Ethiopian Airlines to avail exciting holiday packages. This will not only make your holiday full of fun but also it will be light weight on your pocket so let you enjoy to the maximum.

Blantyre is the largest city in Malawi. The center of Malawi’s trade and business, it is also blistering with a number of fascinating attractions which you would love. It has a number for historical buildings, churches, galleries museums, and varied accommodation option with five star and three star hotels and luxurious cafes. Everything you wish is there! You have a number of things to do in Blantyre, the diverse dining options, shopping malls, blistering nightlife scene glamorous clubs where you can tap your feet to your favorite beats and wear off all the stress. Get all the convenience of an urbanite city life, have fun at clubs, spend nights in pubs, dine is good restaurants and do a lot if shopping spree. Although it has no natural sights, breath taking scenic locations or spectacular sun-set points, but it is a place whose specialty is markets, hotels, restaurants, cars, technology, traffic and business.

Blantyre is the business hub of the city and an ideal location to give an expansion to your industry, because being professional is what is said to be the roots of Blantyre. You can come here for business seminars, conference, or just as an ending point of your holiday in Malawi. And if you really coming then do check for the ongoing flights and price schedule at Ethiopian Airways which is just the best place to fly from for Blantyre.

With a number of attractions and places to see, it tends you exhilarate its visitors with great vibrancy and liveliness which is its specialty. So, if you too, have been long planning a holiday with your family or loved ones or just wish to get a break from the same routine of yours which makes you dull and dreary then all you need to do is keep your fingers crossed and planning a vacation in Dar Es Salaam. Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya with a huge population and a large number of tourist attractions!

The attraction list of Dar Es Salaam is long and extensive but here we are going to guide you through the top notch attractions which you must not miss out! SO start up with the Serengeti National Park in Dar Es Salaam which is just the right place to be if you one of those who love game safari, wildlife and African wildebeest. It is the best place to see the spectacular wildlife of Africa including the eccentric hippos and zebras, best time to visit it is in May.

Where to fly in 2016 – Best tourist destinations

The opportunities of our beautiful planet are countless, but some - better ones, can be sorted out and in order to save your time, we already did that, at least we sorted a few of them, so feel free to keep reading and maybe you will find the perfect place for your next vacation.

Everyone loves nature, but more than a week in wildness without any contact to the civilized world would be a situation that will bring you to a much bigger need of a vacation that the one that drove you to that place. So make sure to pick a destination close to everything, in case you are going to explore the nature of a foreign land or continent. One of those places, that will suite you for sure, is the Mie Prefecture in the land of the rising sun - Japan. The prefecture is located pretty near the big cities, and in case you also want to explore Tokyo a little, than you will need only 4 hours from there to the capitol, with the Bullet Train which is much like a hotel.

Many people from everywhere around the world are looking for a chance to visit Europe and see its most amazing cities, but not many know that Paris and London are not what Europe actually is. You should consider going to a place that is a little more put to the side and not visited that much. Always pick the right airline, because in that case you will also get a chance to see one of the big ones, just for a selfie or two in front of the Eiffel Tower with an escort you find here : http://www.eros.com. It is hard to travel alone, just be seeing all the places and not getting to share that with someone. This is the reason why everyone should think about taking an escort, to explore the beauties of the world together and spend the hours in the plain with talking and getting to know each other. The nights can get quite cold and lonely even in the places full of sun and parties, but with escorts from http://uk.eros.com/england/london/ you will never have a cold side of the bed. The Ethiopian Airways can offer you much more than a safe trip, so make sure to check here and on other sites for flights and compare the prices with other airlines, just so you can see that our prices are the best ones.

Belgium, Scotland, Sicilia, Herzegovina, Bayern, Poland or even Turkey are the places where you should explore Europe. The culture is there very rich, the villages and towns are old and full of history and the people are always friendly towards strangers and want to share their stories with them. Visit Belgium, go to a place close to a big city, with a lovely, local motel or inn and stay there a few days. You will see that getting to know the people and bringing escorts with you can make a vacation much better than going to a large city. It won't be a trip full of excitement, or parties, but you will see that you will remember this one much longer than those.

Book a ticket on a plane of the best European Airlines and travel from Herzegovina, to Turkey, visit Mostar, the stunning Neretva river and explore the old and mesmerizing streets and stores of Turkish cities. It will make yours and your escorts' vacation to something that many people never get to experience.