But wait! Everyone wishes to give in to something full of scenic diversity while being in Holiday. Mount Kilimanjaro is the most popular sight to behold in Dar Es Salaam, where this spectacular as well as spontaneous inactive volcano surrounded by rings of white clouds blesses you with some of the most enchanting sights to remember. It is one of the major tourist attractions and a magnet for all the trekkers and mountaineers. You are on a holiday and you wish to get relaxed, tranquilized and sedated! Zanzibar is the place to hit! This captivating island has long been a major trade hub and a melting pot for everyone visiting Africa, the reason is the cool blue placid water where you can spend hours doing nothing simply sitting by the splendid beaches.

Lake Manyara is another of such kind which is worth seeing in wet season when it is home to hundreds of species of migratory birds. There are a number of accommodation options and safari lodges which makes it easy for tourists to stay here for a couple of days to see the African Wildlife with a keen observance. Because when you are in Africa, the biggest charm always remains the wildlife. Mafia Island is more than like Port Zanzibar but a little more beautiful and a lot more enthralling.When there is so much to see and explore and Dar Es Salaam is full of so many exotic places which makes you feel reluctant to leave the place, all you need to do is book cheap flights to Dar Es Salaam and get ready to explore the exoticness you are going to love. lso see the Mombasa village which is the East African crocodile farm, but beware and be safe, it is recommended not to see without a local guide! See the blood thirsty, crocodiles and much more!